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[From the author of Babies Really Can Sleep!]

Real Potty Training in 4 - 6 Hours!
Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved
Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.
Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

You can check mine and others' here U.S. Copyright Office - Records

Don't dread potty training; make it a pleasant and successful memory!

Hello, my name is Patti, and my potty training method has been a tremendous blessing
to well over 4,000 parents and day care workers, and it has worked with children from 16 months to over 4 years old!
I have learned that anything that works for seven of seven children - WORKS!!

Everyone I've personally explained this to has had 100% success, too!

All children are different, but all children respond to certain things.
This eBook describes the one approach that will work for all of them, IF the parent follows the directions carefully.
It will ultimately toilet train the children, rather than making it the responsibility of the parents to remind and keep them clean and dry.

DON'T BE FOOLED:  "DIAPERLESS" is not necessarily "Potty Trained"!

Why Did I Write This?

   I've seen too many parents struggling with soiled and wet pants, couches, beds, and floors.

   I've seen too many books, eBooks, and guides say, "FIVE HOURS", "3 days", or "1 week" and go on to explain a plan that's really for weeks or even months.

   I've seen too many children wearing Pull Ups or wet pants being referred to as "potty trained".

   I've seen too many methods that incorporate rewards, gimmicks, gadgets, bribery, and forms of coercion that insult the children's intelligence, and they rarely work for long.

   I've seen too many parents battling with force that only makes the potty appear to be "the enemy" to the children.

   I've seen too many parents interrupted to help, or even wake, the children everytime they have to go potty.

   I've seen too many children relapse after a few days of insistance or game playing that had been looking successful.

   I've seen too many children consider the term "baby" a serious insult, when we should be teaching them that babies are wonderful. :-)

This is NOT like other eBooks, guides, and manuals that expect you to help, watch, remind, and clean up for as long as necessary before having success!  Most Moms aren't ready for that, and shouldn't be (diapers are easier than that)!  You really can potty train your child in ONE, FUN TEACHING SESSION - when you know how!

It's a real breakthrough for those who have been having difficulty!

I even tell you the words to use that will insure the enthusiasm and interest of your child. You will see your little ones proud and eager to go potty, without resistance! You will be able to call them "Potty Trained" and be telling the truth! :-)

With seven children, I don't have time to type, and you probably don't have much time to read, so I have made this as brief as possible for both of us, but it's still thorough.


Yes, toilet training can be this easy!!




Chapter 1: What Is Real Potty Training?

Chapter 2: What Are the Signs of Readiness?

Chapter 3: Pre-training Preparation

Chapter 4: Equipment You Will Need

Chapter 5: Potty Training Day!

Chapter 6: At Night

Chapter 7: The Day After

Chapter 8: Relapses

Chapter 9: Babysitters, Traveling, and Bathrooms

Chapter 10: Summary


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Customers are entitled to free potty training advice by email, if necessary, too!

I'm certain you won't be disappointed!!

because I will email it to you within moments
or a few hours of receiving your payment!!

If you don't receive this within 24 hours, look in your Bulk or SPAM email folders,
then make sure your email settings allow you to receive my email with an attachment.
Then email me so I can send it again!

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Affordable - only $5.99

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Here are just a few of the hundreds of emails I've received
from satisfied and overjoyed customers who have learned how to potty train
even stubborn, unwilling children...

I bought this book from you several months ago.  I was wondering if you could sell me your copy rights,...

Dear agnion,

I just wanted to thank you for your book. My daughter just turned 2 in Jan. and she is now completely potty trained. We just had a new baby in Nov. and diapers were getting expensive for the two of them. We sat aside a Sat. and it was trying at times, but the accomplishment in the end is definately worth it! She has done so well and I'm so glad I don't have to "remind" her to go. She goes on her own! I had doubts in the beginning and so did some of my friends, but we were all proven wrong. Thank you so much and God bless! <><

Thank you,

Dear Patti,

On, day 1: I was just absolutely amazed. I put the little breifs on my son and did just as you had said. For the first time ever he pooped in his potty and has not pooped his pants since we started potty training. He had two small minor accidents just because the fact he was so used to the diaper but as soon as he realized what he had done he finished the rest of the way in the bathroom and he even wanted to help wash out his undies. He is so proud of himself.

On day 2 he kind of relapsed but, it was mostly because he would start to pee his pants and then realized what was happening but we still went on to the bathroom and did the whole sit on the potty thing. He did poop twice in the potty and not in his pants though. He did wake me up that morning though because he had to poop and woke up on his own. WOOHOOO!!!

On day 3 the miracle happened. He had preschool even and he had NO ACCIDENTS at all. He qued into when he needed to pee and continued to poop in his potty.

I really beleive it would not have been this easy without your book. Obviously he is 3 years and 4 months old and I had not mastered it yet. Your book is absolutely wonderful. I know had I been able to do the whole 4 hour routine he probably would not have even had the few accidents he had, but with my 2 yr. old daughter, and my husband working, I had to do what I could. He will poop in the little potty, pee on the little potty, sit peeing on the big potty, and stand peeing in the potty. I beleive he has it mastered. Yesterday when I picked him up from preschool he had to pee really bad and a little girl was in the bathroom already and he was actually able to hold it. I am so proud of him.

I want to thank you over and over and over for putting your ebook out so that I had the opporutnity to read it. You have made life so much simpler around my house and the cost I am going to save on diapers alone is going to be wonderful. I read your ebook and knew just after reading it that it was something that would work. I had no doubts at all, it all made perfect sense.

I have really enjoyed this potty training experience with my son and I don't think I have ever heard any other mother make that statement. Who would ever think potty training could be a joyful experience shared with your little one? We could not have done it without your expertise. Thank you so much.

In a few months it will be my daughter's turn and I will let you know how it turns out.

Thank you,

and God Bless

Hi Patti!!

I had to drop you a quick line and let you're book was AWESOME!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I wish I would have had it for my other kids!!

I studied it and did everything that you advised......and he was potty trained in around 5 hours!!!  I wasn't going to do the night time stuff because he just turned 2 in August, but the little rascal is so smart......he holds it all night long!!  It has been simply amazing!!

Thank You again so much......I believe you were truly inspired to write something that truly works........

Dear agnion,

May God richly bless you for making your expertise available to the public. I have left glowing feedback for you, but had to tell you myself what a success your method is.

I potty trained my very stubborn 3 year old, who has had NO interest in potty training, though we tried all sorts of encouragement, but listened to the doctor and others who said she will do it when she's ready. Since her 4th birthday is in less than 2 months, we were tired of waiting!

After looking at several offerings on ebay and others, I decided the $$$ is more than worth a try. I must say, you are highly underpaid for your work!

I read the ebook on Saturday, had all the items ready, and set aside Memorial Day to stay in the kitchen all day. After 2 accidents, she finally cooperated after about 8 hours. Stayed dry all night, almost made it to the potty that morning, wet only her pj's, then was able to hold the rest (my fault, I let her sleep late, then while I was in the shower, she woke up, so wasn't encouraged to go right away). I worked that day, so she was at her aunt's house all day. We sent the potty seat. She had one accident there, and NO more accidents since!

This is day four, and we even went shopping all afternoon yesterday. (I now the locations of several public restrooms!) I can't thank you enough, but pray that God will bless you beyond the very small monetary compensation you receive.

I will recommend you to everyone in need of expert advice.

Thanks again!

Dear Patti,
I bought your ebook on potty training a little over a month ago.  I started potty training her about 3 weeks ago.  She has not made a mistake in 2 and a half weeks.  Thank you so much.
Your book really helped me.

I purchased your ebook back in September to help me in potty training my child.  I am happy to say it worked.  I would like to send a copy of your book to a friend of mine but I cannot locate it on my computer.  Could I purchase another copy from you?  If so, please let me know how we would go about it.

Thank You for your wisdom and for helping new mother's out.  We can use all of the help we can get.

Thank you, I enjoyed the book. I cant wait to try it. I am going to email you if i have any questions, but so far no questions, you answered everything i could think of so far.

Dear Patti,

Wow!  You definitely sound like you know how to do this!  Wish I had seen this about four months ago!  My daughter just turned 2.5 and we are just about through with potty-training.  Your e-book helped me through the past week when she's been wearing "big girl panties" by giving me confidence and helping me to know ways I can appropriately teach her, and handle accidents, etc.  I have already seen great improvement with the accidents and in the overall potty-training.  However, I am actually looking forward to potty training again in two years, when my baby will be 2.5 as well.  I will try your method, as I have always believed it could be done in a day, I just didn't really know how.

I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS TO FRIENDS.  I will not steal your secret though.  You deserve some credit for your creative approach and training method.  I will steer people to you to buy your e-book!!  Also, I think that would be dishonest, period.

From reading your e-book, I can just tell you are a neat mom (I loved the part about preventing sibling rivalry)...


This has been a real answer to prayer!

Thank you so much. My 2 1/2 year old girl is potty-trained....



Just wanted to update you on our progress. My daughter turned 3 in July. She had the attitude. I'm a big girl in diapers! I'm not wearing panties! She would use the potty upon occassion when she felt like it. She definitely knew what it was for.

Well, all week I've told her we were almost out of diapers. Finally we ran out! :O) She also wants to take dance class...which requires potty training. So...with the no more diapers and the little reminders of dance class...we've made huge progress.

I read your book and used several of your phrases. I have been very careful on how I have worded things and my reactions. I made sure we had a lot more one on one time today than usual. (Not allowing her to go off to her room to play for long periods of time.)

She has been in big girl panties all day. (We tried pullups in the past...had horrible luck...too much like a diaper!) She has gone the entire day using the potty...poop and pee...NO accidents! Going sometimes without me even mentioning it. All by herself!!! :O)

I know it is only the first day but I am thrilled! This is the best we have ever done!!! :O) I imagined this was going to be a much bigger battle...


If you have any questions at all, please email me,
and God bless you! :-)

And remember, free potty training help by email for customers!


because I will email it to you within moments
or a few hours of receiving your payment!!

If you don't receive this within 24 hours, look in your Bulk or SPAM email folders,
then make sure your email settings allow you to receive my email with an attachment.
Then email me so I can send it again!

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