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[From the author of Real Potty Training!]
Babies Really Can Sleep!
(and you can, too!)

Make bedtime something to look forward to for you and your baby, toddler, or child!
I have learned that anything that works for seven of seven children - WORKS!!
Many other people I've explained this to have finally experienced peace at night while their little one silently slept!
All children are different, but all children respond to certain things.
This book describes some principles that will work for all of them.
I have had enough experience and enough babies and children to practice on. Although many were humorous, I am not including all my mistaken assumptions and failures along the way. However, I will share my conclusions with you, so you can benefit from these simple solutions, without the trials and errors, to get it right the first time.
It's a real breakthrough for those who have been having difficulty!
With seven children, I don't have time to type, and you probably don't have much time to read, so I have made this as brief as possible for both of us, but it's still thorough.




Chapter 1: Why Babies Sleep Less at Night

Chapter 2: What Produces Sleepiness?

Chapter 3: Could It Really Be Gas?

Chapter 4: What About Caffeine for Nursing Mothers?

Chapter 5: How to Reverse Baby's Sleep Cycle

Chapter 6: Feeding Can Help....If

Chapter 7: Truly Teaching Babies to Sleep

Chapter 8: How to Cleverly Omit Nighttime Feedings

Chapter 9: When Is It Playtime?

Chapter 10: The Baby's Crying Again, Now What?

Chapter 11: Toddlers and Older Children


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