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As a homeschooling mother of seven children, I have learned valuable information, and I've needed many tools that I am now making available to the public.  I am also a perfectionist, so every product I sell is pure quality - and it works!  I would not use these myself if they weren't exceptional.  If they're good enough for me, they are sure to be good enough for you! :-)

    I am truly thrilled to be able to offer genuine help to others!

    (I will be adding more items soon, so keep checking.)

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My most popular item is:

This is a well written, detailed eBook explaining exactly how to potty train your little one in ONE, FUN TEACHING SESSION!  I have done it with all seven of my children, and THOUSANDS of parents who bought and followed my method have had magnificent and fast success! :-)
I also offer free Potty Training help for customers by email!



This is another well written, detailed eBook explaining exactly what to do whan your baby or toddler isn't sleeping sufficiently - especially at night!  I have easily taught all seven of my children to sleep quietly during the hours that were convenient for the rest of the family, and other parents who bought and followed my suggestions have discovered peace and quiet, too! :-)
I also offer free help and advice for customers by email!


DIPLOMA TEMPLATE by Patti to edit and print!

This is the Diploma Template I created to use for my children's graduations from 8th grade and high school.  Buying them was very expensive, so I made a reusable template that can be easily edited for each child or even modified to make a funny diploma or certificate or award!
I'm available by email for free Diploma Template help, too!

HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT Template by Patti | Professional | Calculates GPA for you!

With great determination, I created this High School Transcript Template that includes mathematical formulas to correctly calculate the GPA (grade point average) automatically!  What a blessing! :-)
I send detailed instructions, but I'm here to give free High School Transcript Template help, if necessary!

If you're interested in details or have any questions,
simply email me.

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God bless you!!God bless you!

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